Protect your shingles AND your initial roof cleaning investment with the annual Roof Stain Prevention Program.

Roof Stain Prevention

Lifetime stain-free warranties are available with the Roof Stain Prevention Program’s Annual Roof Conditioner™ preventative treatments*. Eco-friendly Roof Conditioner does not contain bleach and will not harm plants.

When the Roof Stain Prevention Program* is renewed annually, it ensures a roof free of algae, fungus, moss, and lichen stains for the life of your shingles when applied annually**.  

Roofing shingles must be cared for on a regular basis to provide the longest useful life at the lowest maintenance cost. Algae, lichens, and moss are damaging to your roof and may cause premature failure to roofing shingles if left untreated.

With the annual Roof Stain Prevention Program*, your Roof Shampoo® contractor applies the proprietary Roof Conditioner™ to the area of your roof previously cleaned one year after your initial Roof Shampoo® cleaning. After that the Roof Conditioner is applied annually. 

Remember how your stained roof looked before you got a Roof Shampoo®? Don’t let those ugly roof stains reappear. Contact your Roof Shampoo® contractor for pricing and scheduling of your annual preventative treatments.   Roof Shampoo® contractors look forward to assisting you in maintaining the health of your shingles and the beauty of your home!

* Where available. All Roof Shampoo® contractors are independent contractors, therefore the Roof Stain Prevention Program may not be available in all locations.

** Roofs in heavily shaded areas or in regions the country that don't get much sunlight may require more frequent treatments.