Our company, Exterior Surface-Brite, Inc., was formed in 2004 after we began noticing dark streaky stains on roofs that seemed to be popping up everywhere. Back then many homeowners had no idea what was causing the ugly roof stains. People were theorizing all sorts of possible causes such as acid rain, jet fuel, and even duck poop! Everyone now knows that the dark stains infesting millions of roofs nation-wide are actually caused by algae growth with roots that wrap around the granules on asphalt and fiberglass shingles.  

We also observed that homeowners and contractors were attempting to clean the roof stains either by using chlorine bleach and phosphate concoctions or high pressure power washing. It was clear to us that high pressure would damage the integrity of the shingles, that phosphates are harmful to our waterways, and that bleach is a toxic chemical dangerous to the environment and to the people using it. We determined there was a huge need for a safe solution to the problem of roof algae, moss and lichen colonies so we worked with engineers and chemists to develop the eco-friendly Roof Shampoo® products and equipment in use today by contractors coast-to-coast. Roof Shampoo® contractors appreciate the opportunity to offer their customers this much needed service in a way that is thoughtful of environmental concerns. In return, they receive overwhelming appreciation from their customers who can now enjoy renewed curb appeal and a healthy roof. 

We are a company that values quality, innovation, eco-friendly technology, and above all else, customer satisfaction.  Our “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau is documented evidence that we comply with the rigorous standards and requirements set forth by the BBB Standards of Trust.  

Our company is the recipient of the prestigious GreenPeople Seal of Approval. To receive this honor our products and services underwent a Green Assessment and were checked against stringent eco-criteria, ingredients, supply sources, organic or other certifications, and the effect the product or service has on consumers and the environment.

Roof Shampoo® Contractors are independent contractors who provide professional, eco-friendly Roof Shampoo® roof cleaning services. Only those contractors listed on this website are authorized Roof Shampoo® service providers. They have abundant lists of satisfied customers which include thousands of residential homeowners, community and condominium associations, historical societies, commercial property owners, and real estate agents who refer their clients to Roof Shampoo® Contractors. 

We know roof cleaning! Our expert staff created this easy to use website to assist you with making the best possible decision when it comes to improving the health of your roof and enhancing the curb appeal of your home. We think you'll agree -- Roof Shampoo® is the best method to clean your roof. Take time to browse and thanks for visiting!