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Add a lucrative revenue stream to your business with exclusive territory.

Roofers, Contractors, & Entrepreneurs!

• Add environmentally friendly roof cleaning to your list of services
• Add an additional revenue stream to your business by offering eco-friendly Roof Shampoo® services
• Attract more customers to your core business
• Reap the benefits of protected territory - you will be the exclusive Roof Shampoo® contractor in your area
• Enjoy the advantage and credibility of a brand name to market your Roof Shampoo® services
• Provide professional roof cleaning services using the a safest, most effective eco-friendly roof cleaning method!
•  Provide a green eco-friendly service that is in great demand

Take a drive and look at all the potential work a Roof Shampoo® Contractor would have in your community. This can be a life changing opportunity for the right person.

NO DEALERSHIP OR FRANCHISE FEES WHATSOEVER. The demand for roof cleaning services is tremendous RIGHT NOW! High profit potential, low start-up costs, and overwhelming appreciation from your customers. Our proprietary Roof Shampoo® roof cleaning products were engineered to be the safest, most effective roof cleaning soaps available anywhere and are only available to qualified, authorized independent contractors and entrepreneurs. Our state-of-the-art, specially calibrated roof cleaning equipment is designed and calibrated specifically to work with the Roof Shampoo® products on asphalt and fiberglass shingles.

Contact me with details on how I can become the exclusive Roof Shampoo® contractor in my area.
Contact me with details on how I can become the exclusive Roof Shampoo® contractor in my area.
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A Word From Roof Shampoo® Contractor Mark Armstrong

Mark Armstrong Pro-Exterior Shine, Inc. Macomb & Oakland Cos., MI

Mark Armstrong
Pro-Exterior Shine, Inc.
Macomb & Oakland Cos., MI

“Roof Shampoo® absolutely changed my life. My previous business was in a tailspin after 2008 and I had to find something new, and quickly. I had noticed black streaks on many of the roofs around town so I started looking into how to remove them. All I could find were bleach options, and aside from not wanting to work with highly concentrated bleach, some of these companies wanted upwards of $30,000 just to use their name. Then I found out about Roof Shampoo®. I talked to Sandy for about an hour on our first call and she was so nice, knowledgeable, and down to earth. The fact that the cost was a fraction of what other companies charged and that every dollar I was about to spend on this business was applied to actual materials and equipment was too good to be true to this Detroiter. So, skeptically I drove to Maryland to meet her and Joe. After watching Joe clean a roof it was a wrap. Everything they promised was true. Now I am on my 9th season as a Roof Shampoo® contractor, I have 2 crews and make a six figure income from the roof cleanings alone. I highly recommend this company to ANYONE who wants to add a new revenue stream to their business that no other roof cleaning method can touch. Feel free to contact me and ask me any questions about Roof Shampoo®. After 9 years there isn't much I haven't experienced in this great industry!”

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Due to our aggressive expansion plans, territory is going fast, so act now to lock in your territory. Be the exclusive company in your area to offer professional Roof Shampoo® roof cleaning services that many homeowners need NOW. So act now and become the exclusive Roof Shampoo® contractor in your area.


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